Gray hair story

Gray hair, don’t care.

Is it gray hair or grey hair? Does spelling matter? I don’t think it does, but I’ll hedge my bets and type both!

Gray hair transition

COVID-19 has been playing havoc with my hair color. While I’m naturally a dark blonde, I’ve developed a silver streak along the front of my hairline. I really like it! I’ve been stalking this Instagram profile for pictures and ideas. I was also intrigued by this woman’s story that is remarkably like mine.

While my hair color expenses are fairly reasonable, it’s a long day with a 45-minute drive, a two-hour appointment and then another 45 minutes home. I can usually go eight-ten weeks between color and cut.

I think going to a few more appointments to blend in the gray and getting rid of some lighter ends might be the best route. I’m going to consult with a stylist and see what options will work best for me.

While my mom continues to be a blonde (see below) I shall be transitioning to a gray/blonde color. Isn’t she cute?

My mom at my son's wedding with her cute hairstyle.

Apparently, gray hair needs a special shampoo, so I’ve been investigating which ones work well. I found an article that has a good starting point.

Check out my new Pinterest board for inspiration if you want to try!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on gray hair and why you would or wouldn’t consider it.



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