My Crazy Wedding Story

Way back in 1996, my current husband proposed to me and we decided to have a Greek Island wedding. If you’ve listened to my podcast episode you know what happened after that!

I promised a picture of my wedding dress. Here it is, the one that caused so much drama and almost resulted in my being on the Greek news!

As you can see, while it’s lovely, there was no need for so much hysteria! After all that, the dress was professionally cleaned and stored in a box. Since I don’t have daughters, maybe a future granddaughter will want to play dress up one day (or maybe have a Greek island wedding of her own!)

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  1. Koumbara- your wedding was beautiful🌸Cheers to many, many more years🥂 They say, ‘Opios agapa pethevete😉’…hence, the hurdles along the way…Gia na to thimase panda. In the end, it was special and the full moon rewarded you with its glory- it was magical✨ Kai ston pethion sas🌟
    -Maria, xo

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